SURJ PDX Community Meetings

Join us for periodic community-wide meetings. Be on the lookout for email invitations to meetings where we will share tools, resources, and ways of engaging in response to the uprisings following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. We’ll work together to hold each other accountable in keeping up the momentum for significant changes, working toward police and prison abolition and Black liberation. 

Here’s a link to our SURJ PDX community-wide gathering from June 20, 2020 (Zoom video recording). We also hold community-wide meetings to make SURJ-PDX-community-wide decisions.

To receive notices about our community meetings, please request that you be added to our mailing list:

Action Groups and Work Teams

To learn more about a group and the specific requirements and guidelines for membership, please contact the people listed.  

Action Groups 

These are smaller groups of SURJ Base Supporters who work to take action in support of people of color or specific POC-led organizations led by people of color. 

Anti-racist organizing locally and ant-imperialist organizing internationally, contact Claire Wilde, a member of SURJ PDX and the Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP).

SURJ Anti-Patriarchy has spun off into its own group but is still active. This is a group for white men looking to address the intersections of race and gender. Anyone who is interested can contact

Work Teams

These are groups of SURJ Base Supporters who work behind the scenes to support the operations and development of the SURJ PDX organization.  Right now we have just one.